Is the universal cancer vaccine closer?

The possibility that a single vaccine is enough to deal with any type of cancer, sounds more like fiction than reality … Is it possible? How close are we to that long-awaited universal cancer vaccine?
First of all it is essential to make a brief summary of what cancer is (I invite you to visit the section of my website where I explain more fully what cancer is). Quickly and easily, cancer is any disease in which a certain cell undergoes a mutation, that is, a “defect” in its genetic information, which causes it to multiply without any control, developing a mass of defective cells that is what we know as a tumor.

Now, what about vaccines? We are all vaccinated for something, but do we really know what they are?
A vaccine is nothing more than a way to induce an artificial infection in our body, so that the immune system responds against said infection and is subsequently able to do so against similar natural infections.

There are different types of vaccines that I will talk about soon in another post, but the most common are nothing more than attenuated, dead microorganisms or parts of them that will be recognized as pathogens by our immune system, activating it.

So what is the universal cancer vaccine? How has it developed?
Israeli scientists from Tel Aviv University, together with the pharmaceutical company Vaxil BioTherapeutics, have published that they are very close to finding the true cancer vaccine: the ImMucin vaccine.

Cancer cells have been found to overexpress a version of the MUC1 glycoprotein on their surface.

Take it easy, what is a glycoprotein?
A glycoprotein is made up of a sugar or glycid bound to a protein.

Well, the vaccine consists of mixing the protein part of MUC1 with accelerators of the immune response. And in the same way that the rest of vaccines would make our immune system detect the MUC1 molecules that are expressed in tumors and therefore be able to recognize them as harmful and attack them.

After the first studies and clinical trials, it has been confirmed that the vaccine makes patients immune to cancer and also reduces its effects. So after this fantastic news, we will be waiting for this great almost universal cancer cure to hit the market.